The Grafter PLUS Pole – Review

Grafter PLUS PoleThe Grafter Plus Pole

Like the standard Grafter pole, the Grafter PLUS was launched at this year’s (2011) Cleaning show. The difference between Grafter and Grafter PLUS poles simple; Carbon Fibre Content.

Whereas the standard Grafter pole has about 15% carbon fibre content, the Grafter PLUS has about 55%, making it a little more expensive (about 30% more expensive than the same size Grafter poles) and theoretically should be substantially more rigid.

As greater rigidity only becomes a real benefit at longer lengths, the Grafter PLUS in available in the three longest Grafter lenghts, 24ft, 28ft and 30ft.

See my video review below:

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The Grafter Pole – Review

Ionic’s Grafter pole, launched at this year’s Cleaning show, is intended to replace Ionic’s old “universal” and “multipole” ranges. So far it will be available in 5 sizes, 17ft, 21ft, 24ft, 28ft, and 32ft (that’s reach length, not extended length), and crucially, these poles are low-cost.  Unlike the glass fibre poles they replace, the Grafters are in fact about 15% carbon fibre, and so should have better rigidity. Here’s my review

Aimed primarily at the residential window cleaner, it’s interesting to see what Ionic’s been busy creating for the last 18 months… Continue reading

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Hello, and welcome to Professional Window Cleaner Blog. This will be, not surprisingly, a blog for professional window cleaners. My intention is to discuss the various issues that affect professional window cleaners today, to review products, to pass on useful information and so on and so forth.  But before we get into all of that, let me tell you a little about myself.

A Bit About MePhilip Hanson
My name is Philip Hanson, and I have been in the window cleaning business for many years. It’s fair to say that I have felt a passion for the business of window cleaning that most people find puzzling (and even disturbing?). Maybe it does border on the less-than-healthy at times, but this passion has lead me to understand window cleaning, not just in the UK, but all over the globe, in unique way… Continue reading

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